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Leaflets 2016

2017-05-12 Brochure / General Publications /

INS publishes every year a leaflet edited in three languages (Arabic, French, English) retracing the main economic and social indicators of Tunisia. Read more

Census 2014 results , main indicators

2015-04-01 Report / Results of survies /

Ce document présente les principaux indicateurs statistiques issus du recensement général de la population et de l’habitat 2014 Read more

National Classification of Administrative Units - Tunisian Geographic Code

2012-12-01 Report / Classification and methods /

This document presents the national classification of administrative units in Tunisia Read more

Measurement of poverty inequality and polarization in Tunisia 2000-2010

2012-10-23 Report / Other Publications /

This document describes the enhancements and revisions to national practices in poverty measurement Read more

Tunisian Nomenclature of Activities

2009-03-01 Report / Classification and methods /

This publication is dedicated to the Tunisian classification of economic activities Read more