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  • Newsletter 2 "Fertility at a glance"


    The National Institute of Statistics has started to prepare and disseminate a series of thematic analytical articles on the different topics of the 2014 Population and Housing Census (Census 2014) included in the questionnaire. Each article contains an in-depth analysis of the evolution of the indicators for each topic. The analysis takes into consideration a set of variables such as; Gender, age group, education level, urban/rural. The regional dimension is thus taken into consideration to highlight regional inequalities that may exist.

    This work is based on data from the RGPH 2014 and previous censuses using scientific methods and international standards.

    "Fertility at a glance" is the second article in this series and it includes an in-depth analysis of the fertility indicators and the number of births to women of childbearing age as well as the age at first marriage. This analysis also takes into account the age groups of women, as well as the disparity between regions.